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Canadian based Nigerian artist Skye, debuts his profound introductory to the music industry with his single, “Heavy Eyes.” 

Kingsley Etuk, affectionately known as Skye, is an expressive artist who experiments with his artistic versatility in a variety of sounds found in the beloved genres of Hip-hop and R&B. Inspired by various artists in this realm, Skye creates fervent hooks with hints of melancholy bringing listeners to a state of pure soul and vibes. 

His debut heartfelt single, “Heavy Eyes,” allows him to showcase the vulnerability he holds in his story to his rapidly growing fan base and establishes his name as an up and coming young artist.

“Heavy Eyes,” opens with the futuristic elements of pads and synths creating an enticing vibration from the moment the record begins. This smooth Contemporary R&B single manages to pull you into the instrumentation while hanging on to each word that Skye expressively performs. 

“Heavy Eyes,” is a captivating slow-burn with vocal depth and unfolding subtle narratives of pain, loss, hope, and raw feelings. Skye, showcases his lyrical dexterity while he blesses this beat with graceful melodies and carefully crafted lyricism. 

Skye’s ability to transform a song into a musical canvas is rather breathtaking. The passionate words that he pens allow the listeners to relate to the heartfelt content on a more personal level. This sparks our attention as a sign of a great songwriter in our presence. 

With each project and release that Skye remains working on, we look forward to seeing the progression as he touches our hearts with his future content. Skye is one to look out for as an up and comer in the R&B scene.

With the amount of passion that went into your debut release, we would love to know, what did the creative process look like when writing, “Heavy Eyes?" 

Well, first off thank you very much and I must say that the creative process was quite intense considering it was a 3-day process that covered the beats, writing, and recording. And oh, I loved the adrenaline rush that came with creating this. 

What does “Heavy Eyes,” mean to you as the creator? 

“Heavy Eyes” is more than just a single, it is my soul speaking in rhythm and lyrics, it is my voice in beats and melodies. It means a journey has begun in exploring the depths of music and inspiring the globe. 

What would you like your listeners to take away from this record? 

I sing the truth and I just want my listeners to roll in that truth where they can relate to every word sung because I'm all about bringing them to a state of raw vibes. 

How important is it for you to use real-life experience in the music you create? 

I've had my share of life’s complexities from loss, hope, pain, love, hate to passion and I want my listeners to know that I've been there and dive into that feeling that they’re not alone. They're never alone. 

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020? 

As for support, I’ll say family and friends who held me All though the years.

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